Flashbacks - CLIPPER

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Toker Poker, Flashback Edition. Using the same mold of the Clipper Toker Poker you know and love, This all-inclusive lighter tool is your Clipper's® best friend.

This collection is going to make you want to do the Carlton!

Customer Reviews

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Steven Bowker

Not very happy it was put as a bic toker poker and I recieved a clipper toker poker that i have not and will not be using as i will not use clippers. Had i known this was what i would be receiving i would not have wasted my money ordering it. If there is a possible way to return it and refund it ir replace it with the product i paid for. I would be highly interested in that

Isaac Robertson

I absolutely love this product. Super useful and versatile. Thank you Toker Poker!

Jamie Gomes

These are so perfect.


I have like 20 toker pokers. A lighter just doesn’t feel the same without one. I lose them all the time. I then find them months later somewhere random because I’m a stoner. It’s of great joy to find one you haven’t seen in a while. My fav is space Cowboy, Pineapple Express, I had a blue glow in the dark. Bright orange glow in dark. The 2.0. Is cool. Don’t need the beer opener. I can open beer with the normal one. I do like the further rotating poker and attachment of it better. I wish you guys did customs. I’d have to merchandise my fire seed company of dank! #fortheloveoftheplant

Jonathan Goad

Yes. But needs more big cats or custom order toker pokers.