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  High Times Magazine
ALL–IN: Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need to smoke a bowl in the palm of your hand? The new Toker Poker is an ergonomic lighter sleeve that holds 5 feet of hemp wick; the stainless-steel poker folds into the unit and the tamper keeps your fingers clean. Its creators call it the “ultimate, all-inclusive smoker’s tool,” and you’ll quickly see why. Plus the Toker Poker can even be customized with your business logo.

Culture  Culture Magazine
The Toker Poker® is the ultimate smoker’s tool.  Whether you are rolling, dabbing, vaping or smoking a good ol’ fashion bowl your Toker Poker® is always there when you need to clean, poke, stir, pack or scoop.  Its ergonomic design combined with stainless steel smoking accessories make it the one and only.  Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place.  Best stocking stuffer under $10–free hemp wick included.

StonedGirls  Stoned Girls
Cannabis enthusiasts are a unique breed.  We’re loveable, creative, thoughtful, and imaginative.  You know what else we are?  Forgetful. Thankfully, the Toker Poker has us covered.  Toker Poker is essentially a utility tool for stoners, and their website states, “The Toker Poker is an all-inclusive smoker’s tool.  It fits snugly on your lighter and is accessible when you need it most.  Finally, your poker, hemp wick, tamper, and lighter are all in the same place.  It’s a wonder it’s the first of its kind.”

THC THC Magazine
This is one of the most helpful smoking accessories we have ever had the privilege to try. The Toker Poker is an ergonomic lighter sleeve that fits a full sized Bic lighter. It has a poker and tamper, both of which are stainless steel. If hemp wick is your thing, the Toker Poker also has a space to wrap up to five feet of hemp wick. Being lightweight and portable makes it perfect for anyone on the move. It could also be a great gift for any smoker you know who already uses their lighter to pack down their bowl, we have all done it at one time or another. This is an inexpensive “smoking sidekick” that everyone needs.

Toke Toke of the Town
Lighter covers always remind me of my chain-smoking uncle. He had a silver-and-pearl case that was probably the ultimate thing for a happy-hour hero in that era. Anyway, this Toker Poker is nothing like that. It has an actual purpose: The poker on the back is the pin you never seem to be able to find when you need it and the little boot-heel piece is for packing down or tamping out a bowl after it's been lit. You can also wrap hemp-wick around the bottom and the wire piece will bend over it. Pretty sweet an they were only $8 or so.

Weeist The Weedist
Ahh the poking tool, a toker’s best friend. How many times has a paper clip saved my ass? Every time, except the times when I didn’t have one or anything else to use — serenity now! It’s a shitty spot no smoker wants to be in, and we have all been there; so close, yet so far. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve packed a bowl, found out my shit was gacked, not had a tool to recover and ended up having to roll a joint. That’s if I happened to have some paper on me.

StonerDays StonerDays
The Toker Poker® was created like every great product – as a matter of necessity. Living in the mountains of Colorado we constantly found ourselves in search of a poking device – on the chairlift, in the backcountry, at the frisbee golf course. This became an increasingly annoying situation for us. One morning, after leaving a Red Rocks show with a pounding head and a clogged pipe, we had our moment. Our “why isn’t there a product with a poker and tamper attached to the lighter?” moment.

SmokeandVape  Smoke & Vape Business Solutions
Check out the latest Stoney invention brought to you from the mountains of Colorado! The Toker Poker® is the ultimate smoker’s tool. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. Whether you are rolling, dabbing, vaping or smoking a bowl you will always have your tool to poke, pack, and puff. Its ergonomic design provides the most basic, yet essential tools for any smoker.